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Supplying Premium Tubing & Bar Products

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Case Studies

At CTB, you can always expect quality, precision, and value!

OEMs and service centers have definitely changed their business model over the past few decades. There are still a few large factories around, but most companies prefer to have a leaner operation these days to keep their costs down, and outsource their parts and materials to companies that can do the job faster, and at a lower cost.

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Whether you order 100 parts or 100,000, you can always count on industry-leading customer service!

OEMs and service centers are under constant pressure to keep their per-unit costs competitive without raising prices. What this means is that the only way to improve their profitability is finding ways to lower their manufacturing costs, order turnaround times, or, ideally, both.

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Thinking of implementing a lean manufacturing operation? We’re here to help!

Most OEMs and service centers understand the pressure to increase both productivity and growth to stay competitive. If your operation is too bulky and your profit margins are too tight, your business will suffer. That’s why an increasing number of manufacturers are looking to lean manufacturing as a means of doing more with less.

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Looking for CNC Parts? Buying locally is more affordable than you think!

Since the advent of industrialization, there have been a lot of systemic changes as manufacturers got more experienced, and developed numerous ways to improve efficiency over time. The machines got increasingly more sophisticated, and the operators became increasingly more efficient through experience.

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